Song Review: The Dodos’ “Don’t Stop”

The Dodos

Over the course of their young musical careers, San Francisco’s The Dodos have been searching for a sound to call their very own.

The noise folk duo drew obvious comparisons to Feels and Strawberry Jam-era Animal Collective on their debut, Visiter, while their second effort,Time to Die, was a necessary transitional album which helped distance themselves from being labeled an AnCo cliché. Now on the cusp of releasing their third LP, The Dodos are finally owning it.

“Don’t Stop” is the latest track off No Color, and it’s easy to hear why Neko Case (who appears elsewhere on the new album) called it her favorite track. Unlike their previous work, The Dodos use their signature sound of quickly plucked acoustic guitar strings, shifting time signatures and speedy percussion as the underlying frame for this song instead of bearing it all on the surface.

The distorted layers of electronics sparring their way around Meric Long‘s acoustics give “Don’t Stop” a complexity that in turn finally gives The Dodos an identity. As the song’s building momentum cracks open at the 2:24 mark and sails Long and Logan Kroeber’s harmonies into the distance, you can’t help but get this great feeling your ear drums just witnessed The Dodo’s finest moment of enlightenment.

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