Mobile casinos are casino sites or casino game platforms designed for use on your mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or most other handheld Java-compatible device. As smartphone quality improves, so will mobile casino technology, spreading to new markets as those market’s mobile networks improve.

The widespread use of mobile phones and other mobile devices capable of playing casino games is responsible for the explosion in mobile casino gambling. Mobile casino gambling was the obvious next step for online gaming sites, since most of their customers use smartphones or other devices that can handle the demands of casino gaming software. Mobile casino gaming makes casino play available when even online casino play isn’t; if you’re away from your computer for instance, odds are that you have your smartphone in your pocket. Mobile casinos make casino gaming available anywhere you can use your mobile phone.

The Growing Trend of Mobile Gambling

As mobile gaming proves to be successful, other online casinos have decided to jump into the market, and providing mobile gambling is the new cool thing for online casinos. Many of the top online casino sites have their own mobile casino programs accessible to the vast majority of smartphone users.

High quality mobile casino games offer up to three types of software that are compatible with mobile phones. The first option, which many consider to be the most ideal method, involves downloadable software that you’ll install onto your phone directly. This type of software runs as its own application, and it doesn’t require the use of a mobile web browser. Downloadable mobile casino sites usually offer the best in terms of game type selection, graphical and audio performance and available user preferences.

The second best option for most users at mobile casino sites involves instant play programs, which are designed specifically for mobile web browsers. This allows you to enjoy an experience similar to what’s available from downloadable mobile casino sites, except in your mobile device’s web browser. These programs may offer fewer game types, graphics and animations than downloadable mobile online casinos.

The final option involves instant play casino software that works with any browser – not specifically mobile ones. This software, while potentially compatible with some mobile devices, may not offer graphics and text that has been optimized for use with mobile web browsers and the typically small screens found on mobile devices. These programs are least ideal, though they may offer acceptable performance when using larger mobile devices such as the iPad.

Play a Wide Range of Mobile Casino Games

When using a high quality mobile casino site, you should find most if not all of the same game types that are readily available at online casino sites designed for desktop computers. Some of the most popular real money casinos and play money games found at mobile casinos include:

Mobile Casinos Offer Great Bonuses

The best online mobile casino sites offer a range of lucrative and easily accessible bonuses for players to choose from. The most popular types of bonuses include initial deposit bonuses, referral bonuses; reload bonuses and VIP loyalty programs.

If you wish to play for real money at mobile casino games, you’ll first need to make a deposit using a secure banking method, such as a credit card, debit card, ewallet service, prepaid card or bank transfer. Some of these methods include:

Look for a site that offers free processing on deposits and minimal fees for withdrawal transactions. The best mobile casino sites process deposits immediately after you submit them. Withdrawals should be processed within a few days of your cash out request. Reputable mobile casino sites always protect financial transactions by using secure encryption technology

All-in-all, mobile gaming is a fast growing trend in the online casino industry. Its convenience makes it the perfect way to spend a few minutes or more in the middle of your hectic schedule.