You already have or inevitably will hear about the importance of online casino bonuses. There‘s not only importance, but abundance as well. Ad while I am not claiming that bonuses are not important, I would like to emphasize that often there is one other thig that is forgotten which is just as important as bonuses.

If you have said Promotions, you are absolutely right

Before we dive any deeper, I also have to mention that sometimes, online casino promotions consists of their different bonuses offers only. However, the best casinos know how attractive and valuable promotions can be and utilize this information very well. As a player, you can think about promotions as another way to earn free money or merchandise from the casino. Some offer straight up cash, while others may offer brand new smartphones or even cars and vacation packages. All of this simply for playing their games.

What kind of promotions can you expect at a decent online casinos?

To start off, cashback. You play their games ad that is enough for you to get 10%, 15% or eve 20% of what you have wagered. Regardless of you winning or losing. Similar to cashback, there is another popular promotion moneyback. Occasionally, there is a requirement to make a deposit first but that happens maybe around 30% of the time. I any case, moneyback promotions are really loved by players because they can basically play risk-free. They know if they lose, they get their money back.

Slots tournaments have gained popularity and now you can find them in most of the best online casinos. However, tournament is more of a fancy name for the promotion because it is nowhere near a tournament as most people understand i.e. poker tournament. A slots tournament is a leaderboard promotion launched on specific online slots. Players have a few hours to collect the most points they can and, naturally, the best share the prizepool.

Another promotion that‘s not only popular, but a must-have for online casinos is loyalty rewards. While execution and rewards are different, ranging from cash to various gadgets, vacation trips, etc. in most cases, VIP programs are very similar. You play at the online casino, and for every €/$1 wagered you get 1 VIP point. What can you do with those accumulated points, on the other hand, depends on every individual casino. If you are interested in seeing more, check out Winner Casino. They have some of the best promotions among online casinos.

Going back to the bonuses, they are still great value. You should not miss out on them. But saying they are the only thing to come play at an online casino is just wrong. Think of it this way, you come for the bonuses but stay for the promotions. Especially because most bonuses expire. For example, there is only one first deposit bonus. But promotions never end. And what you will probably like most, you don’t have to be there playing every day or month. You come back, make the most out of your favorite promotion and cam wait for the next one.